What’s happening?

This is a critical time in Kentucky when it comes to protecting our constitutional rights. This year we’re facing a ballot initiative that, if approved by voters, will permanently amend our state constitution and bring us another step closer to banning safe and legal abortion.

What is at stake?

The rights of people to control their own personal, private medical decisions are under attack across the country – it’s no different in Kentucky. We have to protect our rights before it’s too late.

This amendment is a clear example of extremist politicians in Frankfort going way too far. It would pave the way for the state to ban abortion in all cases.

This is about changing our constitution. The legislators and organizations behind this amendment believe all abortion should be illegal, no matter what. We cannot allow special interests to edit our constitution in an attempt to impose their personal beliefs on all Kentuckians.

Your Freedom. Your Vote.

Don’t let politicians restrict your freedom.

A constitutional aendment will be on the ballot November 8 that would outlaw abortion in all cases, with NO exceptions. Kentuckians should be in charge of private medical decisions, not politicians.

If Amendent 2 is passed, Kentuckians will lose rights and freedom.

Abortion rights are under attack. This will be an uphill battle, but we can do it if we have your help.

Protect Kentucky Access

No Politicians in our Private Medical Decisions

November 8th – Vote NO on Amendment 2

Don’t stop doctors from protecting the lives of their patients. Attacks on Kentuckians’ access to safe and legal abortions put everyone’s freedom at risk. Amendment 2 allows politicians to choose what’s best for Kentucky, not Kentuckians.

Stronger Together